Social media analytics of diseases for hospitals and pharmaceuticals on ConvOcean


Providing analytics of 400+ diseases to hospitals and doctors around the world.

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Social media analytics of diseases for clinical trials, hospitals and pharmaceuticals on ConvOcean


In today’s pharmaceutical landscape, KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) are primarily valued for their level of influence. Pharma companies leverage the influence of expert physicians and researchers in order to recruit patients for clinical trials and influence the adoption of drugs at regional, national, and global scales.

With ConvOcean social analytics, identify these micro-influencers for the pharmaceutical companies in a specific location and state.

Social media analytics of diseases for doctors, nurses, hospitals and pharmaceuticals and DM blaster engine on ConvOcean

Doctors / Hospitals

Find analytics of diseases from online conversations by location.

By applying artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms, we actively listen to all online conversations in real-time to provide provide information of diseases to hospitals, doctors & clinics in order to make a better living world for you and your kids.

Harvard Medical Center can now track 200+ diseases on a uniquely designed ConvOcean dashboard. Doctors and scientists track updates on people, doctors, charitable organizations, and hospitals around the world by relevance and quality. They can customize the analytics, locations & trackers based on their priorities.

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