Location-based social media analytics


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Expand your reach with local audience

Create instant AI content

Send direct messages to followers in one click

Get summary of conversations for any location

Social media analytics for any city

Social Media Analytics
for any location or interest

Get access to real-time analytics of influencers, conversations, fake users and connect with your targeted audience.

Reach target consumers
with our messaging tool

  • Distribution:Manage & export your followers from multiple Twitter accounts

  • Customization: Create groups of followers - by location, influence & more.

  • Information: Get access to search and analytics on your followers.

  • Outreach: Schedule, send messages, and track campaigns to followers by groups.

  • Campaign Management: Manage multiple DM campaigns

Social Media Bookmark Manager

  • Manage links of what you - Post, Tweet, RT and Reply

  • Create & manage groups of links.

  • Revisit links in the future whenever you want.

Compare followers on social media

  • Compare your followers with local influencers from any region.

  • Identify - WHO IS and WHO IS NOT following you from any location.

  • Invite influencers from any location to follow you.

  • Send direct messages to any influencers.

  • Expand your reach by location or by specific topic.

Analytics for any domain

  • Search & manage links for any domain

  • Create groups of links - by domain, location, influence, category & more.

  • Find the popularity of any article or blog.

  • Analytics of links for any domain.

  • Track what works in the market & acquire leadership in your space.

A Trusted Leader in targeted social messaging

Stay focused on your audience and goals. With analytics and secure messaging, we help clients to have meaningful conversations at scale.

Effectively engage with your audience

Get to know the opinions of your Twitter users privately by sending customized polling messages. Plus, monitor your message campaigns with our unique reports.

Fundraise successfully

Find your supporters, influencers and raise donations by sending direct messages to Twitter users.

Increase sales

Send messages to your followers about restaurant offers, local or eCommerce stores discounts and auto deals.